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Brian Thomas has dedicated his career to representing individuals in litigated probate, guardianship and fiduciary cases. Since most people only experience probate, estate or guardianship matters only once or twice in their lives, Brian knows the stakes for his clients are always at their highest. He uses his experience, confidence and determination to hold dishonest people accountable when they try to cheat others. With his ability to articulate their argument and take their burdens on himself, Brian fights for his clients to help them get the results they deserve.

Legal theories can be complicated and confusing, so Brian humanizes them into ready-to-agree arguments, while being honest with his clients when emotions and frustration cloud their judgment and perspective. Using reason, honor and integrity, he defends estate plans against unmeritorious challenges and attacks unlawfully-created estate plans so that the wishes or care of loved ones, whether departed or incapacitated, are honored with dignity and respect.

Representative Experience

  • Successfully defended an elderly client against allegations of his incapacity and the imposition of an unwanted and unnecessary guardianship of his person and estate
  • Successfully defended a decedent’s Last Will and Testament against multiple allegations of lacking capacity and the exertion of undue influence
  • Obtained favorable mediation results in a contested guardianship, resulting in the termination of exploitation of an elderly Ward’s finances and the Ward’s placement in a facility conducive to her health and welfare
  • Removed an executor from her position upon demonstrating that the fiduciary mismanaged the assets of the estate and withheld information from the estate’s beneficiaries
  • Routinely obtains temporary injunctions and temporary guardianships to halt rogue agents from abusing their powers of attorney
  • Represents guardians, executors, and administrators in all phases of guardianship and estate administration
  • Routinely serves as attorney ad litem and guardian ad litem in guardianship cases
  • Routinely serves as temporary guardian in contested guardianship cases and as temporary administrator and administrator in decedents’ estates
  • Routinely resolves cases favorably for his clients at mediation

Publications & Public Speaking

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    • “The Rights of the Surviving Spouse”
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  • B.B.A., Baylor University, Waco, Texas
  • J.D., Baylor Law School, Waco, Texas

Certifications, Awards & Recognition

  • Named Rising Star by Texas Super Lawyers,  a Thompson Reuters service (2014-2019)
  • Selected Rising Stars Top 100 Up & Coming Attorneys in Texas, a Thompson Reuters service (2018)

Community and Bar Association Involvement

  • Texas Bar Association
  • Member, College of the State Bar of Texas
  • Dallas Bar Association