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Complex legal issues are the last things you want to worry about when dealing with the death or incapacity of a loved one. Trying times become even tougher when probate, trust, and guardianship disputes develop into lawsuits. Our firm helps overwhelmed clients turn chaos into clarity.

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As probate, trust, and guardianship attorneys, we frequently assist clients when there is a dispute about:

  • The interpretation of a trust, will, or power of attorney
  • The validity of a will or trust
  • The validity of a beneficiary designation
  • Whether a trustee is following the terms of a trust
  • Whether an executor is following the terms of a will
  • Whether a trustee, executor, agent, or guardian is mismanaging assets
  • Whether a fiduciary is properly performing their duties
  • Whether a fiduciary has made proper disclosures or provided an accounting
  • Whether a person needs help to make medical decisions or manage their financial affairs

Caldwell, Bennett, Thomas, Toraason & Mead, PLLC provides effective, tough, and compassionate representation for all aspects of will, trust, guardianship, power of attorney, and administration disputes. We are a Dallas-based firm with experience in these matters across the state of Texas.

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