Trust Disputes Attorneys

Trusts are created to allow money or property to pass from one person to another. Trusts are usually set up to protect the money or property from being wasted or wrongfully distributed. Trust disputes are often brought by beneficiaries who believe they are not receiving the information they are entitled to, are not being treated fairly, or are not receiving the property they are legally entitled to receive. Trustees frequently seek our advice when they need to provide an accounting to a beneficiary, or when they are facing allegations of wrongdoing. The rights and duties of beneficiaries and trustees largely depend on the terms of the trust.

Our approach to trust litigation involves analysis of the trust itself, combined with careful consideration of our client’s goals.

Some common reasons for trust disputes include:

  • Challenges to mental capacity
  • Claims of undue influence
  • Forgery, fraud or mistake
  • Failure of payment
  • Inappropriate use of the trust assets
  • Mismanagement of trust assets