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Practical Tips for Will Contests – Part 2

By J. Brian Thomas June 18, 2020

In a four-part blog series, we explore some practical tips for parties preparing to file a will contest or defend against one. In this second post in the series, we focus on the
scope of most will contests from a perspective of time.

Will contests often focus on three specific time periods:

What happened before the disputed document was signed?

What happened after?

And most importantly, what was happening at the moment that the document was executed? Did the testator engage in any similar or contradictory estate planning before or after executing the offending Will? Was the testator older, infirm, prone to forgetfulness, or declining in health? How was the document in question executed, and where? Was the Will prepared and executed under the guidance of an attorney or did the testator (or someone else) use some form that he or she found on the Internet? Was it the testator’s idea to use a particular attorney or was the attorney brought into the picture at someone’s urging?

The questions we could ask about these three time periods are near limitless. The point is that the more any attorney knows about these circumstances, the more prepared they are to provide any client with satisfactory results.

Stay tuned for more tips for Will Contests.

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